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Alerion Point-of-Sale

Alerion is a computer based application geared for retail point-of-sale and for the video rental industry. Designed to reduce your work flow and provide you crucial stats on your business.

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This suite of products has been designed to use the latest computer hardware and software development strategies. And the development doesn't stop there. As new operating systems and point-of-sale hardware become available, we adapt Alerion to work with the newer technology. So you will never be stuck with an obsolete, out-dated software product.

Who is Alerion for? We created Alerion to be scalable. So whether you have a small store front and need a single POS station, have multiple locations connected to common data server, or anywhere in between, Alerion will fit your needs. Click the link below to learn more about the ways to configure Alerion for your business.

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To learn more about Alerion POS, visit the Alerion POS website by clicking the link below. The site contains a ton of information including videos, screen shots, report samples, system requirements, and pricing.

Putting Alerion to work for you in your business will be the best decision you make all year.

To add even more power to your retail / video rental software, we created Alerion XMT. It's an add-on to the Alerion POS system. Click the link below to find out more.