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Credit Card Processing

Integrated processing for Alerion, Phoenix, and Solis

Credit card processing
credit card processing

Now is the time to join the thousands that have thrown away their credit card terminals and started processing credit cards right within their point-of-sale system.

Think about the time you are wasting and the room for potential errors when you ring up a customer in your point-of-sale then scurry over the credit card terminal to run the card.

It may not seem like a lot, but think about that customer in your line on Friday night. They want to just get home and you are messing around with the credit card terminal.

Freeing up valuable counter space is another consideration. Most retail counters I see are packed with impulse items begging for the customer to purchase them. Why waste space with a terminal? Every square inch counts. Make the space work for you.

Stop paying rent on your credit card terminal. The one think I hate is paying rent on a machine that is making the credit card company money with every transaction. With an integrated system, you purchase an inexpensive swiper that’s yours to keep!

With today's integration, the credit card information never touches your computer and is never stored on your hard drive. This takes you "out of scope" and protects you the business owner.

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